Sirail Services : a highly qualified team for your projects, wherever they are.

Sirail Services can provide you with fully qualified teams for electrical and electromechanical activities (repairs, retrofits, installations, etc.) within a very short timeframe. The wide-ranging skills of our technicians enable us to provide all related services in specialized environments, such as workshop dismantling, piping, mechanical and welding services. Our teams work autonomously and reliably on all complex projects.

Safety First

Our teams, due to their mobility, are accustomed to working in ever-changing environments and are thus exposed to different risks depending on the site or industrial sector they are intervening in. Moreover, we understand that an accident on your site is both our accident and your accident. That’s why we strictly adhere to current regulations and your site’s safety instructions. We ensure that technicians on a mission have all necessary certifications and training. Our team leaders are made aware and have the responsibility of safety reminders to minimize accident risks as much as possible.

Electrical certification
Safety training
Compliance with regulations
Strictness of safety instructions

Maintenance and retrofit on rolling stock

Our expertise is built on our ability to carry out maintenance and retrofit campaigns on rolling stock for the rail sector, whether with manufacturers or operators. Our broad skills cover all electrical activities, as well as related tasks such as mechanics, piping, welding, removal and reinstallation of linings and interior fittings of train sets… Our teams, accustomed to working on-site, integrate perfectly with our clients’ teams.

Electrical maintenance
Communication systems
Hydraulic systems
Mechanical systems
Pneumatic systems

Diagnosis and repair of electrical systems

Analyzing malfunctions of complex electrical and electromechanical systems requires sharp technical skills. Our experienced technicians travel to your site to perform a precise diagnosis of the repairs, then develop a detailed plan of the operations to be performed. When necessary, our engineering office or our method service is mobilized to provide you with complete support, including the supply of electrical and electromechanical assemblies ready to be installed (harnesses, cable networks, boxes, and electrical cabinets..), or components to be replaced.

Technical diagnosi
Engineering and method support
Spare parts supply
Component replacement

Dismantling of electrical workshop

Reorganizing the space of your production site should not be improvised, especially when it involves production tools related to the electrical field. The expanded skills of our Sirail Services technicians allow us to undertake these very specific missions, such as workshop dismantling, performed with professional artistry, within the strict framework of current safety standards, and on your site.

Dismantling and reassembly
Rigor and safety
Agility and responsiveness

Upgrading electrical systems

Whether it’s an upgrade of onboard electrical cabinets or not, chests or integrated modules or not, of complex wiring networks (HV MV or LV) installed, the configuration update campaigns on these electrical and electromechanical systems must be completed within a non-negotiable timeframe. Sirail Services prepares these interventions in advance by deploying the methodology adapted to the access conditions of the products to meet the mission’s constraints while ensuring compliance with quality requirements.

Quality and compliance

Supply and installation of electrical and electromechanical assemblies

Sirail Services’s offer is not limited to interventions on your outsourced projects or production sites. We can provide all replacement parts, whether components, subassemblies, or complete assemblies tested and qualified according to your specifications. Sirail Services can offer complete services meeting all your qualification criteria, including documentation and quality test reports.

Spare parts supply
Electrical system manufacturing
Removal and installation

Use case

Dismantling a dielectric test line

Railway Production line relocation

Dismantling a production hall is not improvised. Sirail Services was there to help our client modify and optimize the organization of production spaces.

To prepare for such a mission, our teams conduct rigorous identification and an in-depth analysis of the elements to be dismantled, the nature of the electrical (for example, dielectric test lines) and mechanical production equipment to be dismantled and moved. The teams thus have a precise plan of tasks and reinstall the equipment in the spaces defined in advance (production or storage area).

These interventions are very sensitive in terms of deadlines and quality. Missions can be carried out at night or over the weekend to not disrupt production. In any case, Sirail Service listens to our clients to provide them with tailor-made solutions and meet their needs.

Dismantling Reassembly Intervention

Maintenance : 200 RER trains

Railway Maintenance

The wide-ranging skills of Sirail Services technicians enable them to work on various types of retrofit, maintenance or rolling stock renovation projects, directly on the operators’ technical sites.

For more than 2 years, Sirail Services has been working with our partner SNCF on level 3 and 4 maintenance services in collaboration with our customer’s teams of technicians. The mission consists of improving the reliability of rolling stock, and the Sirail Services team works on all electrical equipment and systems (cereca, telediag), mechanical systems (brakes), and on the replacement of parts such as windscreens and signalling lights.

The maintenance and retrofit activities concern a fleet of 200 trains on the RER network, and were carried out over a period of more than 2 years.

As trains are running during this major maintenance campaign, it is essential that workshop schedules are respected: the slightest delay would have consequences for all regional traffic, on one of the most important lines in terms of passenger numbers.

Sirail Services has met its commitments to the utmost satisfaction of our customer and partner, who is concerned about passenger comfort and safety.

Electrical repair Wiring installation Removal and installation of windscreen Mechanics

Why Sirail?

Reactivity and Availability

Our technician teams can be quickly mobilized across the European territory. Whether on a production site or an outsourced project, our technicians move where you need them.

Diagnosis and solution

Making the correct diagnosis before intervening on-site is crucial for identifying components to replace or electrical diagrams to modify. You can rely on the expertise of our technicians for optimal interventions.

Support services for your missions

All of Sirail’s support services can be mobilized according to your project’s needs: engineering department, component supplier networks, logistics service, supply of ready-to-install replacement electrical systems…

Experienced and qualified technicians

The skills and experience of our team make the difference. All our technicians are highly qualified in electrical and electromechanical trades. Our team has expanded to include technical skills such as piping or welding to cover all our clients’ expectations. These precise qualifications guarantee the success of a mission and our clients’ satisfaction.

Method service and integrated industrialization

Maintenance, retrofit, or repair services require building specific work ranges, sometimes revising the geometry of electrical or electromechanical systems, and ensuring testing procedures. These are very specific industrialization skills provided by our integrated method service at Sirail Services, available upon your request.

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