A production that combines proximity, quality and competitiveness

Sirail’s production sites are linked to each other and have harmonised production processes to ensure that our customers’ Requirements are met promptly and efficiently. Sirail offers the most adapted production sites, in terms of distance, cost, language and culture.

Local and reactive production

Our sites in Europe – 2 in France (Crespin and La Canourgue), one in Germany (Berlin) and one in Italy (Follo) – are dedicated to the final integration, to prototyping and to small or start of series, with highly qualified and experienced personnel. These local sites also enable the implementation of just-in-time delivery solutions.

4 sites in Europe

Cost-optimized production with quality

Our “Best Costs” production sites (in Tunisia and Morocco) combine flexibility with an optimal cost structure. Centralised purchasing and logistics enable to bring economic optimisation to materials. All our production sites answer to the strongest quality standards, are certified according to the same standards and have the means to perform all necessary control operations and tests.

2 Best Cost sites

All our sites are certified according to industry standards

All our sites are IRIS and ISO 9001 certified, and qualified by the majors railway industry names. Our expert sites in the Defence sector are also EN 9100 certified.

ISO 9001
ISO 9100

From prototype to series production and configuration management: Sirail supports you

From prototype to series production, Sirail has built its industrial expertise on its capacity for adaptability and its commitment to deadlines, ensuring the best quality-price ratio. Our weekly shuttles with our “Best Cost” plants enable us to offer the industrial flows most suited to your project, while guaranteeing Quality Excellence. Entrusting us with the production of your complex electrical products and assemblies means getting optimum production solutions from an expert recognized and qualified by the big names in European industry.

Serial production
Complexity management

Efficient industrialization for optimized production

Optimizing production requires efficient and optimal industrialization. Each Sirail site has its own “methods” department, close to production: this guarantees reactivity and continuous improvement of manufacturing processes, in close collaboration with operational teams. Our methods engineering teams define the specific resources (processes and tools) needed to implement changes in your product configuration, and to guarantee the expected level of reactivity and quality.

Tool definition
Configuration control
Control of special processes

Product testing & certifications

All Sirail sites are equipped with the necessary means to perform the standard quality tests required for products and electrical assemblies. Test reports are provided according to the requested frequency, and your quality specifications are checked by our quality teams located on each Sirail site. More specific tests, such as waterproofing or vibration tests, are carried out in certified laboratories close to the production site. Finally, serial production only starts after your validation of the first article (FAI First Article Inspection). Quality Excellence is a reality for Sirail!

Tests plans
Test benches

Use case

RER New Generation

Railway Electrical equipment

As part of a project to manufacture and deploy the new generation of rolling stock for Paris’s public transport system (RERNG), SIRAIL is contributing to its customer’s success by being its partner in innovation, through the design and manufacture of electrical equipment designed to incorporate the electrical and electronic equipment required for the train’s proper operation.

SIRAIL has designed electrical equipment with the aim of optimizing the space available for passengers by proposing customized solutions:

  • Mechanical, electrical and thermal studies
  • Definition of mechanical drawings and electrical diagrams
  • Space occupancy simulations
  • Study and simulation of cabling routing using mock-ups
  • Qualification of equipment through type testing (thermal, shock and vibration)
Design Qualification Production Configuration management

Why Sirail?

A production flow best suited to your projects

Proximity site or Best Costs site: Sirail offers you the industrial “flow” closest to your expectations, and most suited to the project, taking into account the transportability of the products.

Industrialization services across all production sites

All our sites have an integrated industrialization service: the expertise of the methods technicians combined with the feedback from the production teams allow us to bring optimizations and the best productivity.

Qualified and experienced teams

Our industry is a labor-intensive industry: the technical gestures performed by our production teams are the result of internal training courses based on experience and transmission. It is also the taste for a job well done and the motivation to provide Quality Excellence to our clients.

Production from prototype to series

Our production processes allow us to adapt to all projects by bringing you all the Sirail expertise to support the prototyping of a new product, during serial production and configuration evolutions.

Centralization of purchases

The centralization of purchasing combined with an agile and anticipated supply management guarantees the availability of electrical and electromechanical components in a very tight market. Our knowledge of distribution networks and partnerships with major European component suppliers allows us to anticipate and ensure the continuity of productions.

Production surface (m²)


Capacity (j/h)






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