Expertise recognized by major players in the European railway industry

Sirail and the rail industry have a long and successful history. It all began with outsourcing the manufacture of strategic projects for major players in the sector. The trust of our partners has been built on our success in these markets, and has contributed to our rapid growth. It is also the sector’s high technical and quality standards that enable us to be present today alongside manufacturers operating in the most advanced technical environments. Finally, Sirail is proud to contribute to green mobility by supporting its customers and partners in strategic and ambitious projects.

They put trust in us

Electrical and electromechanical expertise for all types of rolling stock

Our experience has been built up on strategic regional train projects (RER, Smart Corradia, etc.), high-speed trains in France and Italy, and urban mobility solutions such as metros and tramways (Citadis). All projects, all electrical products (wiring, boxes, cabinets, pre-wired assemblies), from design to production and maintenance, and products designed by Sirail (footrests, train access platforms for people with reduced mobility, etc.), are Sirail’s expertise at the service of your rail project!

Electrical Harnesses

As long as it is complex, the electrical cable assemblies used in high-speed and regional trains, as well as in urban rail transport, must meet the most demanding technical and quality standards. Sirail has built up its know-how by supplying the biggest names in the sector for some of Europe’s most prestigious projects: Smart Corradia, Citadis, Regio2N, TGV…. Sirail’s know-how is at the service of your rail project, from the harnesses connecting trainsets to the wiring networks inside the trainsets, to the power convectors that power the rolling stock.

Driver desk : a Sirail expertise

Traditional or innovative driver desk designed, developed and manufactured to the latest standards to meet the requirements of international customers: Sirail’s expertise is recognized by the major players in the rail sector, whether equipping regional or high-speed trains, or urban rolling stock (tramways and metro systems).

LIFT-OK© : access platform

Sirail’s plug-and-play products offer fast, flexible solutions. Are you looking for a train access solution for people with reduced mobility that meets all European quality and safety requirements? Sirail offers you its LiftOk access platform, with electric or mechanical motorization, and adaptable to existing or production equipment. For installation, you can count on our teams of Sirail Services technicians, who can be mobilized quickly wherever you need them. Once installed in just a few hours, the platform is quick and easy to use.

Sirail footrests: flexible solution for all types of rolling stock

Sirail has built its expertise on the needs of our customers and partners for on-board safety devices for all types of rolling stock. Our steel and aluminum footrest product is the solution that meets the safety standards (EN 61373 and EN 50121) of the European rail industry. Whatever your customization requirements (angle of inclination, height adjustment, anti-slip surface, heating, etc.), our engineering department will supply you with the product that meets your specifications, ready for installation.

Electrical cabinets and cubicles : Sirail know-how

All the wiring systems and harnesses integrated into rolling stock cannot function if they are not connected to the electrical cabinets and cubicles, which must meet the most demanding technical functionalities. Increasingly tighter space and weight requirements are being enforced on trains, in order to reserve space for passengers. Solving these electrical and electromechanical problems is our core business! Our expertise means supporting our customers from development to series production, and adapting to design to offer innovative technical solutions that comply with quality and safety standards. Our large number of references has earned us recognition from the major players in the European rail industry.

Safety devices and control panels

Railway safety devices are sensitive products that have to meet the requirements of the sector. Modules such as “key boxes” or control units are examples of products developed by Sirail for the rail industry. Developed by our engineering department and delivered ” plug and play “, or manufactured to your specifications, all solutions are available and meet the safety and quality requirements guaranteed by our tests and quality certifications.

Sirail Services

A team of highly qualified technicians, specialized in the rail industry, to assist our customers in the operation or renovation of rolling stock, providing tailor-made services such as the upgrading, renovation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems at manufacturers’ and operators’ sites throughout Europe. This know-how has been extended to all related tasks, such as the removal and installation of interiors, carpentry and welding. Our expertise is recognized by our customers, who can count on our ability to respond quickly to projects throughout Europe.

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Recognized railway expertise and experience

Sirail is a partner in strategic regional train projects (RER, Smart Corradia, etc.), in high-speed trains in France and Italy, and in urban mobility solutions such as metros and tramways (Citadis).

IRIS Certification

All our sites are IRIS-certified and qualified by the major players in the rail industry, both manufacturers and rolling stock operators. Sirail takes Quality Excellence a step further, deploying rigorous quality control processes at all our production sites.

Location on railway hubs

Because Sirail’s history is built on outsourcing the production of electrical and electromechanical products and assemblies, we have made a commitment to our partners by locating our first production sites in the same geographical areas.

Logistics flows tailored to your project

For each project, Sirail adapts the most appropriate logistical flow, taking into account the requirements of our customers’ production planning, and making proposals depending on the transportability of the products. Just-in-time” deliveries, regular flows, or advanced supplier warehousing: all logistics solutions are at your disposal.

Pre-wired assemblies for TER : experience and reliability

Production Pre-wired assemblies

For nearly 20 years, Sirail has been supporting its customer by supplying just-in-time pre-wired assemblies and power harnesses for regional trains (TER) manufactured at Crespin (France – 59).


With nearly 30Km of cables for the most important electrical assemblies (pre-wired for train bodies), these skilful combinations are finalized at our site located close to our customer: The pre-assembled harnesses & cables are delivered from our Tunisian site, then assembled and fixed to the mechanical structures.


The electrical assemblies, mounted and tested by our French site, are delivered on transfer platforms, ready to be integrated into our partner’s production lines. To date, over 400 trains have been delivered, with a just-in-time delivery rate approaching 100%. With future options, the project represents over 800 trains!

We’re proud of our 20-year partnership with our customer and partner!

20 years 400 trains 30km of cables

RER New Generation

Railway RER New Generation

As part of a project to manufacture and deploy the new generation of Parisian public transport rolling stock (RERNG), SIRAIL contributes to the success of its client by being its partner for innovation through the design and manufacturing of electrical equipment intended to contain the electrical and electronic equipment necessary for the proper functioning of the train.


SIRAIL has designed electrical equipment with the aim of optimizing the space available for passengers by offering tailor-made solutions:

  • Mechanical, electrical, thermal studies

  • Definition of mechanical plans and electrical diagrams
  • Space occupancy simulations

  • Study and simulation of cabling routes by creating models
  • Qualification of equipment by carrying out type tests (shocks and vibrations), climatic studies

Development Qualification Production Configuration management

Key figures


NAT car delivered


TER new generation delivered


Driver Desk manufactured

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