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Sirail has built up its expertise in complex electrical systems and assemblies by fulfilling the requirements of different industrial sectors and demanding different applications. Our experience and know-how enable us to support our customers on a wide range of projects, from electrical cabinets and cubicles for the energy industry, to harnesses for special vehicles and wiring for batteries. From prototyping to serial production, Sirail deploys all its expertise to ensure the success of your project.

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Power distribution boxes are electrical modules with specific technical specifications linked to their functions. Our engineering department is regularly consulted on projects for industrial partners in the energy sector, seeking engineering skills and knowledge of the sector’s requirements. Sirail is able to demonstrate these capabilities both at the level of full development on the basis of product functionalities, and as a designer to combine expertise by bringing our industrial realism to bear. For all your technical projects, Sirail is at your side.

Electrical cabinets and cubicles

Electrical cabinets for applications linked to the production or storage of electrical energy are increasingly strategic products for our customers and partners who are developing alternative solutions to carbon-emitting energies. These complex products can be used to store electrical energy generated by solar panels or wind turbines, or to distribute electricity in demanding environments. In all cases, Sirail makes its industrial know-how available and supports its customers across the entire value chain.

Harness and wiring

From simple signaling or electrical distribution harnesses, to complex networks of high-, medium- or low-power cables, in small or large production runs, Sirail offers you the best value for money. Manual or automatic crimping, shrink tunnels or overmolding, manual or machine cutting: our production tools and processes adapt to your product to offer you the optimum level of productivity, with Quality Excellence as our only objective. And of course, from the simplest to the most complex of harnesses, the entire Sirail offer is available to you: from design to maintenance, including production and configuration management.

Sirail Services

A team of highly qualified technicians in all electrical and electromechanical skills, who have been building up their expertise for over 10 years, working on renovation, maintenance and retrofit projects. This know-how, recognized by major players in the industry, has been extended to all related activities such as the removal and re-installation of interiors, carpentry and welding.

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Project Management

The first condition for the success of your project, whatever its domain of application, is effective project management that gives you optimum visibility, from prototype to series production. Our project management processes can meet any challenge.

Sourcing from specialised suppliers

Our in-depth knowledge of the European electrical components market enables us to optimize sourcing for all projects, whatever the end application. Centralized purchasing is also a guarantee of competitiveness.

Expertise in special processes

Sirail’s expertise in special processes such as overmolding and fiber optics has been built up over more than 20 years of experience in meeting the requirements of specific projects. At Sirail, we don’t hesitate to add to our equipment and operational tools to offer you the manufacturing processes best suited to your project/product.

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Development, prototyping, product qualification, modification management, production, assembly, maintenance… All Sirail’s expertise is available throughout your value chain, taking into account the technical and quality requirements of your industry.

Quality and traceability

Choosing Sirail means guaranteeing quality processes and compliance with your traceability specifications. All components are traced and requirements assigned to suppliers. Our quality processes are based on our experience and knowledge of the requirements of your industrial sector and those of your customers. Quality excellence is a reality with Sirail.

Optimized production

Sirail offers the optimum combination of best-cost and local sites, depending on the project, the size of the products, their transportability and the scope of serial production.

Power storage cabinets

Energy Storage

Today, in some regions of the world, access to energy for domestic or industrial use is a vital necessity.


Our customer has entrusted us with the manufacture of solar power plants for the production and storage of electricity, providing isolated sites with long-term access to energy.


Sirail is bringing its know-how and experience in the field of electrical wiring to bear on the manufacture and supply of equipment to ensure reliable operation of the solution designed by our customer. Sirail is mobilized on a daily basis to carry out industrialization, component sourcing, manufacturing and equipment delivery with a reactive, high-quality service.

Industrialisation Production Sourcing

Special vehicle electrification

Industry Electrical harnesses Vehicle

Vehicle electrification is a fast-growing response to the environmental challenges we face. It is developing for all uses: individual and collective transport, on the road or on rail, in the field or on building sites, with technical constraints in terms of safety and space.


For small and medium-sized production runs, Sirail helps design and manufacture customized electrical harnesses, for both signal and power.

Conception Prototyping Wiring

Harnesses and wires for special vehicles

Industry Vehicle Harnesses Cabling

Mining vehicles operate in extremely harsh environments, where maintenance and repair are a challenge. When every failure represents an operating loss, the reliability and robustness of wiring networks are essential to ensure maximum availability.

For these extremely demanding applications, Sirail manufactures and tests 100% of every type of cable (signal, power, etc.). And because unforeseen events are always possible, we are always available to work with our customers to implement the most effective solutions for reactive after-sales service.

Production Maintenance

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