On-board electrical equipment for the aeronautic industry requires quality excellence and technical conformity.

Thanks to our in-depth experience of complex electrical and electromechanical systems, we have been able to meet the requirements of internationally renowned manufacturers and suppliers in the aeronautic industry. To go even further, we have developed and implemented operational and quality processes to deliver the best value for money to our aeronautic customers.

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The Sirail design office is at your disposal to solve your engineering problems, or to support you in the complete development of your product for the aeronautic industry. Our teams of experienced engineers can adapt to your requirements to provide you with the tailor-made service you need, both technically and in terms of economic optimization. All of Sirail’s expertise is available to support you throughout your entire value chain: from design and integration to prototype validation and serial production.

Wiring and harnessing networks

Technical expertise Sirail covers the full range of wiring and harnessing requirements for aeronautic equipment. From the simplest to the most complex harnesses, integrated into a box or cabinet, or delivered ready-to-install, Sirail has a proven track record in overcoming the sector’s technical and quality challenges. Our quality processes, already well in place and mastered, have been reinforced by the requirements of the aeronautics industry. Our operational processes have been adapted to anticipate and meet our partners’ competitiveness objectives.

Electrical cabinets and cubicles

For aeronautic industry applications, the technical characteristics of electrical assemblies and sub-assemblies such as electrical cabinets, modules or cubicles require advanced electrical and electromechanical expertise. All stages of production, from harnessing to integration into metal structures, are fully covered by our qualified and experienced technicians. Sirail supports its customers by providing the level of reliability and quality required by the industry, without losing sight of competitiveness.

Sirail Services

A team of highly qualified technicians in all electrical and electromechanical skills, who have been building up their expertise for over 10 years, working on renovation, maintenance and retrofit projects. This know-how, recognized by major players in the industry, has been extended to all related activities such as the removal and re-installation of interiors, carpentry and welding.

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Production process optimization

Overmolding, swaging tunnels and automatic crimping are just a few examples of the production processes implemented by Sirail to meet the specific technical and economic requirements of projects for the aerospace industry.

Competitive production flow

Sirail offers the optimized combination between best-cost sites and proximity sites, depending on the project, size of the products, their transportability, and series size.

Quality and traceability

Choosing Sirail means ensuring quality processes and compliance with your traceability specifications. All components are traced and requirements assigned to suppliers. Our quality processes are based on our experience and adjusted where required to meet all standards applicable to electrical systems.

Project management

The first condition for the success of your project is effective follow-up, providing you with optimum visibility, from prototype to serial production, as well as ensuring up-to-date, complete information. Our project management processes meet all traceability and tracking information challenges.

Component market expertise

Our experience in the market for electrical and electronic components for complex and high-tech applications, our purchasing expertise, and our network of partnerships with specialized manufacturers and distributors enable us to offer you the most competitive prices. To overcome any supply difficulties, you can rely on our purchasing department to propose qualified alternatives to the standards required for your project.

Electrical cabinet harnesses

Aeronautic Harnesses Wiring

Sirail was approached by a Tier 1 supplier to the aeronautic industry to find additional production capacity. As part of this assessment, our customer carried out a rigorous series of audits covering not only quality and traceability processes, but also the technical skills of Sirail’s teams at several production sites, and their ability to handle special processes. Our expertise in complex electrical systems was recognized and validated by this qualification.

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