Sirail announces a new Group governance

Press release

The Sirail Group has a new Managing Director since the 1st of August 2023, Mr. Etienne Piganeau, one of the sons of Mr. Olivier Piganeau, founder of the Group.

A new governance

Mr. Etienne Piganeau, who is a graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique, had a first professional experience as an engineer in the automotive industry and has then joined the Group in 2014. Transmission and anticipation being important for Sirail, he has had time to hone his skills through several positions in the Group along the years: responsible for methods, responsible for IT, Site Director of the Tunisian and German sites, and Director for Projects.

Mr. Etienne Piganeau will be supported by a General Management team comprising 3 Vice-Presidents: Mr. Antoine Zeiger for Operations, Ms. Elisabeth Montévil for Sales, and Mr. Guillaume Piganeau for Performance. Mr. Guillaume Piganeau is also a son of Mr. Olivier Piganeau.

Mr. Olivier Piganeau, founder and main actor in the development of the Sirail Group since its creation in 2007, remains Chairman of the Group.
The appointment of Mr. Etienne Piganeau as Managing Director is in line with the values of this French family group, with the aim of pursuing the group’s development and diversification strategy. It is change within continuity!

“I’m delighted to have been appointed General Manager of the Sirail Group, and to be able to pursue the growth of the Sirail Group with all its employees, whose dedication and professionalism I have witnessed over the years. Our objectives remain unchanged: to develop our market share with our customers, and to continue diversifying our business to new markets and new customers. This is the continuity of a strategy that has ensured Sirail success and growth since its creation”.

Etienne Piganneau – Sirail Group CEO

About Sirail

Founded in 2007, Sirail is a family-owned group specializing in the engineering, production, and maintenance of electrical assemblies such as rolling stock control panels, cabinets and harnesses for the rail, defense, medical, energy markets.
Sirail expanded rapidly with the acquisition of Confecta (Germany) in 2016, and Liatech (France and Morocco) in 2017. In 2021, the Group created the Sirail Services entity and acquired IGM, a family-owned Italian company with a 20-year track record in electrical and electromechanical engineering. This has enabled Sirail to consolidate its market share with major players in the rail market, and to integrate design capabilities. In April 2023, Sirail acquires the license for the LIFT-OK© platforms, to include in its product range rolling stock access platforms for people with reduced mobility. This market is
very active in anticipation of the application in 2026 of the European TSI PMR 2014 standard for on-board access for wheelchair users. In this way, Sirail is demonstrating its ability to anticipate market trends, to diversify, and to adapt its technical offerings in line with the Group’s values.

Thanks to its technical expertise and industrial excellence, Sirail has become a European leader and one of the major players in its market.

Its industrial sites are in France (Crespin, in the North of France, and La Canourgue, in the South), in Germany (Berlin region), in Italia (La Spezia), in Tunisia (Tunis), and in Morocco (Casablanca). The group footprint offers competitive technical and operational capacities in demanding markets.

Today, Sirail has more than 1000 employees, spread over 7 countries and achieves an annual turnover of more than 80 million euros.

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